Hartmut Schwarzbach

Der Harz - Reise durch das Waldsterben


The Harz - A journey through the forest dieback, Location: Wernigerode, Germany

In the entire Upper Harz am Brocken, the forest is dying across the board in a huge area. A homemade catastrophe, because the causes are climate change, rising temperatures, drought and the bark beetle. For scientists this is a natural adjustment process, for residents who live from tourism, and for forest owners an economic disaster. There is hardly any other place in Germany where you can observe climate change and the correction of nature in this dimension.

The Association of German Foresters has declared a climate emergency because of the situation: More than 100 million old trees have already died nationwide. The damaged area corresponds to approx.100,000 hectares. The Harz National Park is particularly affected. In contrast to the commercial forest, the reason has its own philosophy, laid down in the state national park law. Nature should be left to its own devices here, apart from a few regulated exceptions, humans have to stay out of it. The clearing of infected damaged wood - the most effective remedy against the beetles - therefore only takes place in the edge zones of the commercial forest in order to prevent it from spreading there. © Hartmut Schwarzbach/argus


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